​​How To Open a US Bank Account As a non-resident


My name is Sabir Shah. I live in Pakistan; I'm a Business Engineer with special knowledge on e-Marketing and e-Commerce. I'm an Internet Business Professional. I create online business projects and offer internet marketing consulting to business and entrepreneurs. I created this online guide when I see that, just like me, a lot of people where struggling in finding a way to get their online sales to their countries.

So, I dedicated quite some time to find out what is the right process to have an US Bank account as a non-us resident. I also discovered some alternatives that can be used as a US bank account, especially if you are interested in sell online or receive money from overseas. Please remember, the policies of the bank can change (and they do). So, please be certain to study the guide, the institutions, confirm which solution can work for you and take action only when you feel ready. It's important to understand that no bank will open any kind of account for a person that can't show a good financial situation. This mean that you will have to proof that has been using local banks accounts, maybe credit cards and that you have a way to maintain the account you intend to open. If your main interest is to have a faster way to get funds from online sales or people living in US, my recommendation is to first use one or some of the alternatives I present here until you have a situation that allow you to open a bank account.

Here are some of the faster alternatives to have a US Bank account:

Remember: You need to read all the information you have here before starting to call or try to open a US Bank Account. Opening any Bank Account is not an easy process so don't take it lightly.

US Bank Accounts Information

Important note: Please read the entire guide. By simply calling banks and asking for an account, 99% of the time you will NOT going to get a good result. Be aware than opening a bank account, in any bank, requires preparation and financial know-how. Your approach also depends on the country you live, your citizenship, you work and the documents you can provide. This is VERY important. If a US bank accounts it the very first bank account you hope to have, you are setting your hopes way to high! However there's almost always an alternative you can use to achieve your specific goal. So please, learn ALL the details, including the US Bank alternatives, prior to take any action. I'm always looking to improve this information. Please let me know what institution was the one you end up working with or if you found something new I can include.


There are two general ways of getting a US Bank account. As an individual and as a business next you can see some details on how to get US Bank accounts as an individual. You can check the additional guides on the menu to see specific details on different alternatives including how to create a US based business. You can also use the information we show on this guide to try to contact other banks and financial institution not described here as the process normally is very similar. The security control changed a lot after sep.11. Now the bank demands more strict controls and documentation to people who would like to apply for a bank account. If you are in this situation it's primordial to know the right documents and procedures. Next you will find a general explanation on what you should need and details of some main banks. The results depend a lot on the applicant situation and their documentation so there is always a change of potential rejections. -Bank will ask for the next main documents. A valid passport, better if it have a valid US visa. a photo Identification (drivers license or national ID) and bank references on the country of origin. This could be registered/certified letters of local banks and the last three bank statements that prove the financial solvency of the applicant.” Explain Ivette Jimenez from Commerce bank.

Documents that you will need.The entire bank consulted announces that they will ask at least for the next documents:

  • Passport
  • Drivers License/National ID (both required)
  • SSN (some are flexible on this requirement but they will ask for at least three bank statements of local banks plus reference letters)
  • Proof of residence (as water. electric service or similar invoices)

Bank of America

The person is not a resident. We will ask for a valid passport. is better if there is a SSN or the ITIN Number for tax payments. If they can, it would be better to approach directly a bank office as our customer service can approach each case directly and we have a very flexible service. Our idea is to help new customers to have their account and help them through the process". Said Kimberly Katris from Bank of America's Customer Service. If you plan to travel to US you can apply for an account in person at any Bank of America banking center by presenting the following valid forms of identification:

  • US Government-issued TIN
  • Passport number and country of issuance
  • Alien identification card number   
  • Number and country of issuance of any other government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph or similar safeguard

To open a -My Access Checking Account" you will only need US$25 first deposit and there is monthly minimum balance required. In the case of a regular check account there's a US$100 first deposit and US$650 minimum balance to avoid extra fees. With the checking account you can get a checkbook. An ATM card and receive direct deposits.

Phone: + 1-800-688-6086 free phone service — https://www.bankofamerica.com


They have specific solutions for non-US residents. To open an account you need to contact the bank and explain why do you need a bank account?

We recommend to open a US bank account as fast as possible because they will be able to organic e their US finances better and building a credit historial". Comment Maribel Lucio from customer service.


Phone: 713-262-1679

Bank Atlantic

The checking account can be opened with US$50 and no minimum balance required. They ask for a driver’s license and letters from local banks plus three bank statements." They also offer accounts for companies and small businesses and credit services.

This bank is located mainly in Florida. https://www.bbt.com

Phone: + 1-800-741-1700


This bank requires a passport National ID preferably a SSN and show proof of residence. The regular checking account can be opened with US$500 but it have to keep US$6.000 minimum balance and the monthly fee is US$9.50. Our customers have the choice of the 'Easy checks account' which can be opened without first deposit but they have to keep a minimum balance of US$1.500'.

Said Luis from customer service Phone: + 1-800-274-6660


Commerce bank

They ask the same documents as the rest of the banks. The first deposit is US$100 and they have maintained a minimum balance of US$750 to avoid monthly fees of US$15.

Phone No: +1 305-629-1250


Doing all the process on your own can be very overwhelming especially with policies changing quite frequently. So unless you can fell comfortable learning and doing all the paperwork for yourself it's better to use one of the alternatives we mention in here.

Accent Commerce

Accent Commerce belongs to Victor Felice. I got to know him and his company while looking for a US Bank Account service. He has a great service specially designed for non-US residents.

How to get a US Bank Account with Accent Commerce


offers a bank account management service. This allows you to have a bank account in US through them. Thank to this service is a lot easier to have a US Bank Account and in a lot less time than using the traditional way. The main benefits of having a bank account with Accent Commerce are: You can have a personal bank account faster and easier you can have an ATM card to withdraw your funds you can use this account to work with Paypal. 2Checkout or Google Adsense You will have online banking facilities. Applying for an Account with Accent Commerce. You will need to find this online application:


It’s very important that you mention that you were refereed by this website. As they will take that in consideration for your approval as I mention before I have meet the owner of this service and he will have you in good stand if you have take the time to buy and learn about US Banks as a customer of this online guide. The fees of the service will depend on the quantity and amount of deposits you will have. Normally the accounts have a limit of US$1500 in deposits and withdrawals per day. If you plan to have bigger amount the best is to contact them and let them know so they can help you right from the start. There are some important aspects before you try to get an account.


As any Bank, Accent Commerce is looking to have good customers who actually use the accounts in a serious way. If you will open the account without a way of making deposits it's probable that they will suspend your account. It's recommended that you keep a minimum balance of $250 in your bank account. If this amount is too much for you, then the best is for you to start using one of the alternatives we show here until you have the required amounts.

Questions and Additional Information

As part of the process you will need to send personal information. It's very important that you use real information. Don't try to lie or use questionable data. If you have some problem or a specific question the best is to contact them directly and let them know so they can help you.You can contact them with the following link:


Get a Passport As a non-US resident is very important that you get a valid passport. This is the international identification document and will make things a lot easier for applying in any services. You need a valid passport (not due). You could need to send a scanned image of this to confirm the veracity of your information.


Once you have applied for the service you will be contacted to send verification documents. You can scan and send this document via their contact form.

They normally ask for your passport. a invoice for a local service with your address on it (electricity. water. etc.) and a photo ID (it can be your local ID or a driver license) Simply scan those documents and send them. If you have any other important information to send to them you can add it also. After this they will take a few days to a week to verify your information. If there are no problems they will contact you with information about how to send your payment for the service and your first deposit.

Next you will learn how to activate tour account…

How to activate your account

 To activate your account you normally need to simply send a first deposit. You could use Paypal or a similar service to send an ACH transfer to your new account once the transfer is completed your account will take fro2 to 5 days to be completed.

Activate your card

3 to 5 week later you would receive your card via regular mail. Now is the time to activate your card. The instructions on how to do this will be sent to you, but in sum it requires to: Go to a local ATM (I recommend to use one that allow you to pass your card on a slot instead of putting it all in the machine) Use your card and the PIN number you will get with your account Use °checking° as the type of account you are using. Check your balance or make a withdrawal. That's it

Remember to take note on all the fees the ATM could charge you. Be aware that this service can change their policies and you are the responsible of hiring the service and be sure of agreeing with it.

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Here I’ll explain how to open an account with Wells Fargo. They use to have an International Personal Banking service; however they now offer invested management services. They have partner with Citco Corporate Services Inc. to provide services especially for corporations and fiduciary services. They offer solutions for:
Banking solutions for deposits or credit
Foreign Exchange Services for managing foreign currency
Risk management services to help you identify domestic and international risk exposures that you should address, including insurance coverage for kidnap/ransom and property/casualty. If you have important amounts of money you wish to keep in US this is a recommended approach. The process is not simple but it will be worth it. You can see the details of this service on the following link:


You can contact wells Fargo on the following link:


HSBC Bank account

Next you will find guidelines on how to get a bank account in I-ISBC. The success depends a lot on how you are qualified by the bank and it is not guaranteed. You can see the information on their website on the following link:


This is not a fast process and can take one or two months to complete depending on your actions. You need to speak English very fluently as you will need to have direct contact with the bank by phone. The Process in simple words:

First you need to contact HSCB offices to their phone 1.800.975.HSCB (4722) or 1-888404-4050

Please be aware that this numbers can change. Check their site to confirm. You need to ask for the bank account you need and they will send you the forms by email. You print them, fill them and send them by normal mail. They will review it and, if everything is alright, they will open the account. You can also fill this form online:


If you need help filling the forms you can contact +1 716 841 7542

On the mail you will get some letters. First the welcome letter with the account number. Then you will get two more One with the details for phone banking and other with the debit card. Later on you will get a final one with the debit card password. But you need to know some very important facts first!! So keep reading. Key Information you need to know. Your Account Type. There are two types of accounts, the Free and the Premier. You would find better to open the -Free'. The Premier charges a US$50 fee ever/ month. The -Free' won't charges anything monthly. The account is free as long as it as money moving on it. If the account becomes inactive then it will pass to a -Basic' model with a US$ 3 monthly fee to qualify for HSBC Premier. You need to maintain $100.000 in combined personal deposit and investment balances or $500.000 in combined personal deposit investment and credit/mortgage balances. Business owners may use their commercial balances to qualify for personal Premier membership. A monthly maintenance fee of $100 will be incurred if minimum balance requirements are not maintaine.

To speak to a Relationship Manager about becoming a Premier client outside the U.S. call At: + 1 716 841-6866.

A US Based mailing address

Even when the bank will agree to open a US based account for a non-US resident they could ask for a US based address to send your mails. They normally open the Premier account when you don't have a US based address. The solution is to hire a mailing address and use that to ask for the free account. You need to set that address for the mails in the form W8BEN you will need to fill. You will also need a utility bill to certify the address. Now as you will not be able to get that utility bills with the mailing address service they will sent the documentation of the account to your local address (except the online banking password. more on that later).

Local References

The bank will ask you to send references in order to complain with the Patriot Act. It’s very important to have a local bank reference letter. As to send screenshots of the local bank accounts you have. By doing this the bank is working according the Patriot Act which demands that they should be making all the reasonable efforts to validate the customer origin, if you don't have a local bank account or credit cards. You better get it prior the process for opening the US bank account in HSCB. Your local address needs to be validated with a utility bill. If this documents don't have your name on it or if the address is not exact you need to fix that. If it's a rented place you need to send a signed contract that can certified your address.

US Banks alternatives

You can make a Payoneer account on the following link:



Payoneer is a respected business used for dozens of payments companies as a way to send money to merchants and affiliates. Recently they start offering a new service which allows any Payoneer card owner to receive payments using a linked US Bank account.You can see additional information here. The process is quite easy:

Sign up for a Payoneer card here:


  • Verify your account using a national ID
  • Wait for your plastic card to arrive and active it following the instructions enclosed
  • Take note of the Bank Account details on your Payoneer account to start receiving deposits.
  • This process last about 2 to 3 weeks and practically works worldwide is cheap, easy and will let you have a US Bank Account details that you can use to receive payments from a lot of online services as Paypal, Apple, Amazon, 2Checkout and more.


This is one of my favorite methods. It allows you to create virtual credit cards quite easy. So, you can verify Paypal or even use it with multiple Google Adwords accounts (Facebook ads will not allow this cards). The card you will get is a VISA debit card. You will be able to fund it with a local credit card or an International Bank Account.

You can sign up for free at https://entropay.com

After you sign up you will need to create at least one virtual card and add funds (-Top Up' as they call it) Once you have created some virtual cards. You will be upgraded to a Basic Account which allows you to apply for a plastic card. Why is Entropay a good alternative? If you want to verify a Paypal account this works like a charm. You can have multiple virtual cards and multiple Paypal accounts so you can receive payments from US or everywhere Paypal is accepted reducing the risk to have a Paypal account suspended. The best use you can have for this is to manage multiple Google Adwords accounts (or similar services). Which require verifying or paying using a credit or debit card? This works great if you had an Adwords account suspended and need a new one fast. This system is also a really good alternative to send payments to family, friends or employees. Simply create a virtual card and give them the details. Add some funds and they will be able to use it online (be sure to let them know this debit cards doesn't work with Facebook ads) you can give the virtual card details to anyone so they can make orders online and you can check spending from your account.


This site offers an excellent service with the option to get a MasterCard debit card delivered to your home or a virtual one that can be used to shop online. In order to get this service you need to apply to the Neteller Extended service, which require for you to send identification documents. The rest is quite simple, just add funds to the card and use it wherever you want.

Why is this US Bank alternative?

If you are looking to receive payments in a private and secure way, Neteller is quite good. Specially if you want to receive money from customers on the US and get them on your country. You can also use this method to verify your Paypal account without using a US Bank account Be aware that you can not create a “US based” Paypal account as Paypal will check if you are out of the US and lock the account if they find out you are lying to them. Nevertheless this method allows you to have a secure way to receive payment internationally.

US company

Creating a US company

If you want to be sure of your chances of having a US bank account or you need to receive money from US customers or companies. Having your own US based company is the best way to do it. Next you will find information on what you need to do to create your US based business.


Advantages of an LLC

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a special kind of company. An hybrid between a partnership and a corporation. The advantage for non-residents in the U.S. who have not any gains attributed to a source from the U.S. is that an LLC in Delaware has exceptions of income tax. An LLC in Delaware only pay a tax, $ 200 per contribution franchise of Delaware a year. The profits of an LLC then go to the owner. For Americans who have a tax rectums from the U.S. personnel. These gains are added to your ordinary income and taxed as individual scales. The advantage for non-Americans who do not apply to tax rectums’ in the U.S. is that the profits of the company passed to the owner completely without being reduced by taxes. However, the responsibility of reporting income tax within remains with their country

Advantages of Corporation

 If you DO have US sourced income then perhaps a US corporation is the better choice. You will be required to pay tax on income earned in the United States. Therefore having a corporation can simplify things. The disadvantage of having a corporation is that it is taxed on worldwide income. Not just US income. However you can talk to a US accountant about minimizing this tax. Now, let’s review what name you could use to your new company...


Once you have determined the structure of the company (LLC or Corporation) it's time to choose a name for the company. This will be the legal designation of the company and not necessarily the name under which it can be promoted or to use on its website. Nor is it necessary that the name is the same as the brands or products to s. To see if a name is available you can use the tool below. By clicking here, - The name cannot be the same as that of another company - The name must end with a designation LLC, as the limited Liability Company" or limited Company" or an abbreviation of one of these phrases (like -LLC", -LLC", or ltd, Liability Co.") And - The name cannot contain certain words prohibited by the state. Such as banking, Insurance, or City Corporation (state rules differ on the words that are forbidden).


 There are several companies that provide legal services to incorporate a company in the United States. The most prominent are:

The Company Inc. — with prices ranging from $ 359 to $ 709

The Company Corporation - With packages ranging from $ 515 depending on the contracted services

 Active Filings - With complete packages start at $ 799 for non-residents

 My Us Company - Provides a -kit" opening with information about legal professional you can work with. Apply to your EIN (Employer Identification Number) An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as the Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business or commercial entity. In general, all companies in the U.S. need an EIN. You may request an EIN in various forms. It can even apply online. This is a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) although there are companies that also intermediate this service. IRS Phone: +1-800-829-4933 The EIN is the legal identification you will need to open a US Bank account for your business.

 "" Remember to review for more than one service provider to be sure you get what you need. ""

Delaware LLC

Delaware was the first of the thirteen states, which drafted the Federal Constitution, to ratify it and is thus known as 'The First State. Located midway between New York City and Washington D.C., Delaware which is one from the last in population, sits among one third of the entire population of the US and has excellent access to major domestic and export markets by highway, train, air and sea. The infrastructure is highly developed and has deepwater berths at Port Wilmington on the Delaware River, just 60 miles from the Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes. In October of 1992, Delaware law recognized Limited Liability Companies (LLC's). The LLC combines the best aspects of the Corporation and the Limited Partnership without many restrictions. Delaware is well known for the Delaware General Corporation Law which is said to be the friendliest in America. Also the dedicated court called The Chancery Court, which adjudicates on matters of Delaware Company Law, is fast and efficient. The trials are by appointed judges (not a jury), who issue written and well thought-out decisions. All this means is that you know the rules from a stable legal system when you incorporate in Delaware. Delaware is the home to 50% of corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

 In October, 1991, Delaware enacted the legislation which enables the formation of a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC which was first legislated in the United States in 1977 has now been adopted in varying forms in all 50 states of the USA. Delaware is well known for its General Corporation Law and as an attractive location for company formation. Companies in Delaware known as LLC's, when organized combine the best aspects of a Corporation (a company limited by shares) and the Limited Partnership. This form of organization protects the personal assets of its owners, while affording them "pass-through° taxation, without most of the restriction inherent in the US "S° Corporation. Most importantly for a person or group of persons who wish to own a US company which provides the benefits similar to a traditional Offshore Company (IBC) registered in an offshore Tax Haven, Delaware LLCs sometimes referred to as "Delaware offshore companies° or 'Delaware companies for non-residents °, is tax free on business transactions and benefits derived outside the United States and whose members are US non-resident aliens. To enjoy the US tax free benefit, it is advised that the LLC have two or more members.

Features of a Delaware Limited Liability Company

 A Delaware LLC may be formed by one or more organizer or member. For tax purposes, non-resident legal entities (such as companies or Corporations) who are members of the LLC may cause the IRS to classify the LLC as a branch of a foreign company in the US, and the LLC will be taxed on its worldwide income. It is therefore recommended that the non-resident members of Delaware offshore companies be physical persons. An LLC does not issue shares and therefore does not have shareholders. The owners of an LLC are referred to as members. A Delaware LLC is a legal entity, registered with the state, and is treated separate from its members. The Delaware LLC is recognized anywhere in the world as a legally registered US company.

Why Set Up a Delaware Company

Delaware does not have an income tax for corporations that are not actually conducting a business in Delaware. LLCs pay a flat annual fee to the State, and assuming they are not doing business in Delaware are not subject to income tax. For use overseas, LLCs are a much better vehicle. Business corporations formed anywhere in the 50 States or District of Columbia are subject to Federal income tax, but LLCs composed of a single non-resident member are disregarded for tax purposes, and LLCs with more than one member, all of whom are non-residents, are considered foreign partnerships for federal tax purposes. Whether a corporation or an LLC, Delaware companies have no residency requirements to be a shareholder/member, and the officers & directors/managers also do not have be residents. However, because it is the owners of the LLC, not the management, that determines the tax status of the company, management and control of the LLC can be handled by US residents, and business conducted by US resident employees, without subjecting the company to US tax, as long as the company does not have US-source income, and does not file a US tax return to take deductions for expenses.

Delaware companies are excellent for:

  • Holding companies (companies that own other companies
  • Investment companies
  • companies that own trademarks, patents and other intellectual property ::: companies that will be operating in several States
  • Because of the Limited Liability status, the law protects the members (owners) from the debts and other obligations of the LLC.

After Delaware offshore incorporation, the risk to an owner of a Delaware offshore LLC is to the extent of his investment in the LLC, and all his personal assets are protected. A Delaware Limited Liability Company may be fully owned by non-resident aliens. An LLC may also be owned by Corporations (companies limited by shares), Partnerships, Trusts, Charitable Organizations and Pension Plans. After Delaware company formation, the Limited Liability Company must have these words after the company name or the abbreviation thereof i.e. "Limited Liability Company °, "L.L.C.°, or "LLC°. The IRS tax treatment of a Delaware LLC is on the flow-through tax basis. That is the LLC is not taxed on its profits. The income of the LLC is distributed to its members who are taxed on a personal income basis. Non-resident aliens are not taxable by the US on income derived out of the US. If an LLC derives its income outside of the US, the non-resident aliens do not file tax returns. There is no limit on the number of members allowed in a Delaware LLC. The Management of an LLC is usually undertaken by its members. If it is found necessary, an outside manager may be employed and would report directly to the members.

The structure of the LLC does not provide for a Board of Directors. The flexibility in the law allows the members by agreement, written or oral, to decide on the most appropriate management system and on the distribution of profits. The voting authority usually is in direct proportion to member's interest in profits. The manager of a Delaware LLC may be a member. There are no statutory requirements concerning meetings of members or record keeping. It is recommended that with two or more members, Members' Agreement be entered into. If meetings are held by members, this may be done anywhere in the world and in any way convenient to the members. :::: An Annual Report is required, which sets out the distribution of profits to US residents. :::: A Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a good vehicle for non-resident aliens to earn tax free income (not derived in the USA), utilizing a US business entity. Members of a Delaware LLC are not liable for tax to the United States providing that.

The members are non-resident aliens. 
The LLC does not employ US residents as permanent staff, or rely on a dedicated place of business within the United States. The LLC does not undertake any business activity that is effectively connected with business or trade within the United States. The Delaware LLC has a perpetual life and membership is easily transferable. It is advisable to enter into a Members' Agreement if alternative conditions are required. Delaware is recognized for its General Corporations Law which provides a stable legal platform. There is a Chancery Court which adjudicates on corporate matters. The courts do not use juries, so decisions are issued as written opinions and litigation is not settled by the emotions of a jury, but on stable law. A registered Agent and office is required along with Nominee Services.

About Delaware

Delaware is located on the East Coast of the United States, midway between New York City to the north and Washington D.C. to the south. The northern boundary on Delaware is Pennsylvania and on the south and west by Maryland. This location puts Delaware in the midst of one-third of the entire population of the United States and therefore good market access. The population of Delaware is just over 700,000 and is one of the least populated states. It also covers a relatively small land area of 1,982 square miles and rank 49th of the 50 states in land area. Dover is the capital of Delaware. The largest city is Wilmington with a population of 72,000.


In 1681, the province of Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn by King Charles II. Penn recognized that his province would be landlocked if the colonies on either side of the Delaware River or Delaware Bay were hostile. In 1682, the colonies were annexed to Pennsylvania by deed and leases. After 1682, long disputes ensued between William Penn and Lord Baltimore of the province of Maryland as to the exact dominion controlled by Penn on the lower Delaware. This dispute continued to the end of the colonial period. In 1776, the time of the Declaration of Independence, Delaware declared itself free from the British Empire and also established a state government, separate from Pennsylvania. Delaware's boundaries were surveyed from 1763 to 1768. In 1785, the invention by Oliver Evans of Newport, Delaware of an automatic flour milling machine, revolutionized the flour industry and provided a positive impact on the Delaware economy. In 1786, John Dickinson of Delaware chaired the Annapolis convention, which called for the Federal Constitutional Convention which met in Philadelphia in 1787. A new constitution was drafted and Delaware was the first state of the thirteen involved, to ratify the convention and thus became known as the 'The First State° of the new Federal Union.


Today Delaware State Government consists of three branches, the Executive, the Legislative and the judicial branches, the executive power of government lies with the Governor, who is elected every four years, and can serve for a maximum of two terms. The legislative power lies with bicameral General Assembly, consisting of a House of Representatives and the Senate. Representatives are elected every two years and senators every four years. The judicial branch of government is comprised of a Supreme Court with five justices appointed for 12 year terms by the Governor, on the advice and consent of The Senate. There are also three trial courts composed of Appointed Term-Limited Judges.


The infrastructure of Delaware is highly developed to serve its economy and provide easy access to domestic and export markets by sea, air or land. Delaware central location in the heavily populated eastern seaboard affords rapid access to the major cities of the east and mid-Atlantic. US highways and major railways provide the passenger and cargo transportation requirements to these markets. Delaware is also %ell served by air transportation. The major public and private airports easily accommodate commercial and corporate aircraft. Two major out of state airports are within one hour of Wilmington by land; these are Dulles Airport in Maryland and Philadelphia International Airport. Transportation by sea is served by the port of Wilmington on the Delaware River and just 65 miles from the open Atlantic Ocean. This containerized port provides deepwater berths, modern and competitive off-loading and storage facilities and handles about 4.5 million tons of sea cargo annually. Other infrastructural requirements such as water, electricity and telecommunications are all highly developed and efficient as one would imagine meeting the national standards.


The major industries in the state of Delaware are the chemical and automotive industries and manufacturing followed by financial services, are the largest sources of income. The industrial and service sectors are predominantly in the northern third of the state. %bile the other two thirds in the south are reliant on agriculture. The major activities in agriculture are: poultry, corn, soybeans and diary products. Delaware investment climate is enhanced by the concept of public-private partnership. The government and the private sector work closely to maximize business opportunity and the quality of life provided to its residents. There are many initiatives and programs which receive overwhelming bipartisan support from legislators that strengthen the economy. To enact a new tax or a tax increase, government has mandated that a three-fifths or 60% vote in both houses is required. State spending cannot exceed 98% of estimated revenue and a 'rainy day fund° of 5% of anticipated revenue is put aside in the event of unexpected revenue decreases or to pay for tax reductions. Delaware has developed many programs to encourage business to invest in its economy. Some of these initiatives are; an employment and training service which can respond to specialized employer needs or additional skills. Recruitment assistance in support of new or expanding businesses is provided by the Delaware economic development office. They assist employers in locating a qualified work force. The Delaware Development Corporation Loans Program provides loans to qualifying small business for long term, fixed asset financing at fixed rates. Delaware Venture Partners can seed companies who wish to develop new technologies, particularly in the areas of computer related, High technology, biotechnology, medical, and communications, environmental and manufacturing.


Delaware's fastest growth sector in recent years has been in the financial sector. Many major financial institutions have made Delaware their home, the enactment of the law to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in October of 1992. Which combines the best aspects of the Corporation and the Limited Partnership, has made Delaware even more attractive in its quest to expand its economy.

Today over 50% of all companies listed on New York Stock Exchange are Delaware Corporations.

How to open a Swiss bank account

Swiss Bank Account #1 - SwissQuote

Website: http://www.swissquote.chl

I've go through all of my competitors to know what they are offering and few of them even know about this bank called SwissQuote where you can open an account immediately online! They will even ship the welcome kit to you with FedEx.

STEP 1: Open your account Simply visit http://www.soAssquote.chfindexAndex_open_account_e.html and fill the form. Only certain countries are listed in the 'countries' field, if your country is not listed there, you will not be able to open an account online. Here is a list of the countries that you will found in the on line form.



Swiss Bank Account #1 - SwissQuote

Website: https://www.swissquote.ch/index/index_quote_d.html

 I've go through all of my competitors to know what they are offering and few of them even know about this bank called SwissQuote where you can open an account immediately online! They will even ship the welcome kit to you with FedEx.

STEP 1: Open your account simply visit http://www.swissquote.ch/index/index_open_account_e.html

And fill the form. Only certain countries are listed in the 'countries' field, if your country is not listed there, you will not be able to open an account online. Here is a list of the countries that you will found in the on line form.

If your country is not on the list you have to open your account via phone. You can speak English, German, French or Italian. Their contact information is available here

SwissQuote also have a very responsive support. You can call or email them. Please use the same information from the link above.

STEP 2: Get your welcome kit

The welcome kit will come with your account number! So please make sure all the information is correct when you fill up the online form. Apply only if you are serious in using this account.

Swiss Bank Account #2 — BEKB

Website: https://www.bekb.ch/

As I have told you earlier, Swiss Bank #2 (BEKB) is more picky on the customers and they prefer more developed countries in Europe, North America and some in Asia. That's why I recommend you to stick with SwissQuote because my statistics has showing that all clients are able to open an account with them. There are 2 steps to apply for BEKB.

 STEP 1:

 Please go to https://www.bekb.ch/en/index/angebot/formular_kontoeroeffnung.htm

And fill up your information there. The form doesn't ask you for country, so I always advice my clients to fill up their country as well in the CITY field. By doing this they can tell you by email if they are accepting clients from your country you will receive an email directly from the bank within 5 working days stating that they have received your information. Along with the email, they will give you similar instructions that I am giving you on Step 2 where you have to complete the identification form and send it back to them. If they do not accept clients from your country, they will let your know as well. That's why I want you to fill up your country in the CITY field.


 Please download the following ZIP file.

From this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qiw4lslr0f0ro9/swiss3239.zip?dl=0

The ZIP file contains the following files

1. Identification Form

2. Bank Products Description

*Important* Write your EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER on top of your identification form so they can inform you easily after they have received your identification form and passport copy.

The form will ask you for your personal information. This includes your name, permanent address, date of birth and passport information. After you have filled in the form, you will need to bring it to your local banker. Your local banker will need to look at the information and compare it with your original passport. He will then verify it by putting his signature and his bank's stamp on it. This completes the 'identification' process which is required by Swiss regulations before the bank is allowed open an account for you. If for any reason you do not wish to have your identification form verified by your local banker, you can verify it by getting notarization AND apostillization. (Note: Notarization and apostillization on the identification form, not on the passport copy) You must have a Passport to open any Swiss bank account. No passport means no Swiss bank account (there are no exceptions to this rule). Upon completion of the identification form and verified by a local banker (signed and bank stamped), return it along with your passport copy to BEKB I BCBE net Raphael Wewita P.O. Box 3001 Berne Switzerland and After you account is opened, you will receive your account number. You will then need to wire a minimum initial deposit of CHF 1,000 to them. Once the money has been received, your account will be fully activated and they will proceed to send you your online banking information. You can now start enjoying your Swiss bank account!

Swiss Bank Account #3 - PostFinance

Website: https://www.postfinance.ch/

This Swiss bank account is only available to customers from Italy, Germany, Austria, France or Lichtenstein. Please go to here to open your account.


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