I will remove Plagiarism from a Turnitin report by rewriting

I can remove plagiarism from a Turnitin report by rewriting your content with the same theme and concept, but I will only use my words to avoid plagiarism and reduce the plagiarism. I will do all rewriting manually, and I guarantee you that you will appreciate my work and services once you use it. Now, I'm looking forward to hearing from those who needs my services. I can remove plagiarism from your thesis, dissertation, research paper, article, report and so on.

For rewriting and removing plagiarism from your content, these are my prices:

1000 words 15 USD.

2000 words 30 USD.

3000 words 40 USD.

4000 words 50 USD

If it is possible for you to provide me your Turnitin report that will be great because I will follow your institute Turnitin report and will do a good job for you but In case if you can't provide your Turnitin report then I will use mine. For payment modes, I accept PayPal, Skrill, Perfect money. ETC.
Please, contact me on the following:
Skype: sabir.shah74
Email: sabirshah4545@gmail.com
Thanks a lot.